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Summit Elevator takes a bespoke approach to all our clients, focusing on whole system solutions using non-proprietary elevator components. Your project has unique needs. Our trained experts will identify those unique needs, and then provide an exceptional range of skills to satisfy them.

From maintenance and repair to full elevator replacements, we deliver quality results, on time and on budget.

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Summit Elevator is designed from the ground up to clear the hurdles that arise on every project. Everything we do for our clients serves a long-term vision. Therefore, we don't use proprietary hardware, which creates technical lock-in that will hamper you in the future. It is also why we take such great care in the planning stages of our work.

Time is money. Deadlines are real. Delays are costly. Summit Elevator mitigates these risks by developing sound strategies based on your particular needs. We do this by working closely with owners, developers, architects, consultants, and managers.

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Do you find yourself stuck in a contract with service payments for months or years beyond the usefulness of the service?

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