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What Summit Elevator Does

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We provide the full spectrum of service and support, including maintenance, upgrades, new construction, or consulting. To learn more about what those entail, please review the information below.


  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Safe Transportation
  • Licensed Mechanics
  • Advanced Technology
  • Prompt Response
preventive maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and will save you money over the long-term.

Elevators are a valuable asset in every building that utilizes them. Care should be taken to preserve them at a high standard: safe, reliable and code compliant.

Partnering with a company that provides that care on each and every job will take the stress out of elevator management. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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safe transportation

Elevators are the safest form of transportation, and that is due to the high standards imposed by regulatory authorities. By law, elevating devices accessible to the public must be maintained by a licensed elevator contractor and must comply with all current code requirements.

At Summit Elevator, we spell this out explicitly in our service agreements. We strive to maintain the highest possible standards for all our clients, and we stand behind the work we do, each and every time. Ready to take elevator safety to new heights?

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licensed mechanics

Our licensed elevator mechanics have diverse experience, and we can maintain all types of equipment from various manufacturers. From low-rise apartment buildings to high-rise commercial buildings, we maintain elevators from various vintages, with some original equipment dating back to the 1950s.

Complementing this, we work on modern microprocessor-based systems as well. Our customers benefit from this vast range of experience as it allows us to effectively troubleshoot equipment problems.

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advanced technology

Continuous education is the life blood of our company. Investing heavily in training simulators and mobile communication allows us to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that we provide only the best work for your business.

Coupled with our intense dedication to great customer service, what we provide is cutting-edge work with a personal touch.

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prompt response

Spending time is saving time with Summit Elevator.

Our technicians' dedication and care to monthly maintenance tasks ensure that your elevator has fewer call backs, three times less than our competitors. This is spending time.

Customers receive a response within minutes, and we are on-site within the hour. Our replacement parts inventory allows us to frequently resolve your problem on the first visit. This is saving time.

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Advanced System Tracking

The (MCP) Maintenance Control Plan

Advanced system tracking workflow and MCP compliance: Over time, those details get converted to preventative maintenance data through machine learning. That means we get a heads-up about trouble machinery and potential problems before they happen.

What is an MCP?

This is a document that contains a comprehensive set of records of safety checks and tests, as well as work done, to your elevator. It is kept on-site at all times, so that the customer remains informed of what gets done, and when. It is often used by government inspectors to determine if the elevators comply with code, ensuring that your elevator remains safe for public use.

Our maintenance control plan uses advanced system tracking and machine learning to predict problems before they happen.

Don't be fooled by empty promises — with our maintenance control plan, you'll be certain that the work is getting done, correctly and efficiently.

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Change of Ownership


Elevator refurbishment is a complex task that requires careful consideration and a high level of technical skill. We leverage our years of industry experience and the ability to select the best suited components for your buildings needs whether it’s a commercial, public, hotel, or residential building.

  • Full Modernization
  • Partial Modernization
  • When to Modernize
  • Cost of Modernization
  • Traction Modernization
  • Hydraulic Modernization
  • Gearless Upgrade
full modernization

At the twenty or thirty-year mark, it is common for elevators to require a full refurbishment.

That work varies, depending on the elevator’s preventative maintenance schedule, and the quality of the initial install. The type of elevator (hydraulic or traction) has a big impact as well.

Our team of expert technicians will work with you to determine the best upgrade path for your elevator. Give us a call to get started.

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partial modernization

A modernization schedule can help extend the longevity of your elevator. We can help predict when certain equipment needs replacement, resulting in less shutdowns and less wear and tear on your unit.

The partial modernization process requires a tremendous level of competence and expertise. Done right, it can save you money.

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when to modernize

Determining when and how to modernize can be tricky. Our approach tries to simplify things by providing a comprehensive overview of your options, over the short and long-term. Sometimes we recommend a total overhaul, other times we can extend the life of your elevator with simple repairs and preventative maintenance.

Integrity, commitment, and expertise sits at our core. Contact us now for an honest and informed assessment of your modernization needs.

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cost to modernize

Cost is key. Work estimates should be as detailed as possible, and include recommended components, timelines, and a full cost breakdown.

If you want an expert to look at your elevator, get a hold of us. We are happy to take a look.

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traction modernization

For traction elevators, typical upgrades and renovations include: the controller, the machine, overspeed governors, ropes, car stations, cab upgrades, hall stations, door operators and electronic protection devices.

Have a traction elevator that needs some work?

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hydraulic modernization

For hydraulic elevators, typical upgrades and renovations include: the controller, the pumping unit, hydraulic cylinders, car stations, cab upgrades, hall stations, door operators and electronic protection devices.

If you need a plan for hydraulic elevator modernization, give us a call.

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gearless modernization

Gearless modernization can result in less downtime and lower maintenance and repair costs. Use less energy and increase safety with a gearless upgrade by Summit Elevator.

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Focus on your building while we focus on your elevator.

Increase your building's value and experience superior reliability and performance.

Improve traffic flow

Enhance aesthetics

Enjoy smoother ride quality

Deliver best-in-class safety

Save energy

Rise to the top with a personalized modernization solution.

We work on any elevator, old or new

High speed options available

Small machine room? No problem!

Compatible with a huge range of elevators

Create a smoother ride

Stand out with custom fixtures

Improve your ride quality without rail realignment

Design a cab that reflects your style

Display information with a full-colour LCD display

Modernize your DC machines

Compare the Costs & Benefits

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New construction requires strict adherence to timelines and workflows, which makes the choice of elevator contractor crucial for the success of your project.

While elevators are offered with standard specifications, each project tends to be unique. Considerations like pit depth, ceiling heights and entrance orientation have a big impact, and generally result in a build that is more custom than standard.

Dealing with these nuances requires careful study and planning, vigilance for safety, and a constant eye on the bottom line. You can trust us to deliver the best results, on time and on budget.


We are experienced and are an established provider of all kinds of elevators with the ability to provide various non-standard options, including:

  • Varying duty load (load capacity and speed)
  • Cab dimensions varying from small dumbwaiter to a very large freight or automobile elevator; tall elevator cabs, etc.
  • Installing elevators in different type of hoistway shaft like poured concrete, masonry blocks, hollow structural steel tubes (HSS), structural wood members, glazing, etc.
  • Shafts with limited headroom and/ or pit depth
  • Elevator cabs in plastic laminate, aluminum, steel, galvanized steel finishes
  • Various possible door options: swing, vertical, and horizontal sliding; vertical bi-parting; etc.
  • Elevator suitable for dust proof, waterproof, and explosion proof environment
  • Elevators with habitable space below the hoistway shaft
  • Inclined lifts
  • Continuous belt lifts

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Sometimes what you need more than anything else is the advice of a trusted third party. We can provide that. If you have a project on the go, or in the future, let our expert technicians and strategists guide your decision-making.

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